Spectrum and info
The new album of the "BIO" group "Crypto civilization" was created quite spontaneously, since a lot of songs had already been written and they received their" material life " somewhat haphazardly. At this time, "BIO" performs quite often and the creation of new tracks is provoked by our new performances.
As a result, the track list was formed reflecting the general feeling of a strange symbiosis of today's realities. On the one hand-the powerful development of electronic technologies, which are firmly embedded in the lives of most civilized earthlings, the comfort of large cities, bravura forecasts of futurists about the amazing prospects of science and society as a whole, and on the other - information flows sometimes bring such phenomenal stories and facts that have happened in reality that every day you can expect completely unexpected events. And science today presents such exciting results of research and experiments that we can only guess what consequences they will lead to. This album, as a reaction to what is happening today...