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Boss transfer a little bit of his human experience into his music, shaping his pain into happiness. Boss is a Brazilian DJ and music producer from the countryside in the state of Goias, who felt the pressure of life when he got diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which kept him away from the dance floor for quite some time. Lots of people thought he would give up, but the love for music gave him hope to push himself to the limits and spread love thru his tunes. His album imprints his own ”duality” and exhibits the healing power of the human mind.

With the production of total aptitude, with melodies that will make you awaken the best purposes of life. Raising the weak and determining the strong, bringing daily overcoming internal struggles, so that you awaken and plant within yourself the seed of hope and peace.

Songwriter: Thiago Melo Miranda
Lyricist: Thiago Melo Miranda
Speach: Thiago Melo Miranda
Artwork Credits: Carou Chiarelli
Mastering Engineer: Diego Paulo Jacintho