Spectrum and info
We are dusting off a legend for this next one. Reaching out to a classic favorite who is back in the saddle again from his home base in Japan. Sculpted Sounds is pleased and excited to present to you this fun loving, high energy 2 track EP from none other than the indomitable CPU. An artist that should require little to no introduction, CPU was a fan favorite as many of us were coming up and cutting our teeth in the Psychedelic Trance scene. With unparalleled production, and a laundry list of legendary performances the world over, his presence has been missed for many years on the global stage.
For his new EP, Sculpted Sounds has chosen 2 dynamic and upbeat tracks that are dance floor smile makers. Showcasing his production prowess and infectious vibes.
Celestial Objects is a no hold barred anthem. Between growling psychedelic mids, soaring melodies and giant drops, it is a peak set barn burner for a hands in the air moment.
Activate Mushroom is its serious groove focused companion. With no let ups in its steady drive and twisted vocals it’s an upbeat but cerebral ride.

We think you’ll find the Celestial Mushroom EP as fun loving and energetic as we did and a perfect addition for some fun moments of joy and happiness in a full power set.