Spectrum and info
David Lee Kelson (aka David Lee Majorz) was born in a small town in Georgia called Rome, but currently resides in Kissimmee, Florida. As a child David had a love of music he heard on the radio. He perfected his craft of singing by imitating songs, however, it wasn’t until his senior year in high school that he took music seriously.

David’s first musical adventure started as a writer and would write, produce and perform his songs at every available opportunity whether it was for 1 person or 100 people he continued to give it everything he had in an attempt to perfect his craft. Almost as if he knew he was a born lyricist. Then David and a few other artists with the same love for music decided to start a group. The group performed as an opener for many major acts in the Florida region, until they disband due to irreconcilable differences between the members. At this time David did not give up on his passion and with his love for music only getting stronger, he then began to perfect his vocals and writing skills. Next he would sing with several different R&B groups with mild in moderate success in the industry. When the R&B groups disband due to lack of making the leap to a major recording deal, David turned back to writing and producing music. Then he became a writer for Grammy nominated and Grammy winning producers and soon started writing for the producer of Johnny Wright’s Management company. Soon after, David got burned out from music. He decided to take a break, but that was short-lived, only to return to his true love of music around 2010. David’s inspiration comes from Brian McKnight, Dianne Warren, Richard Marx, BabyFace and David Foster.