Spectrum and info
Being trapped, locked-in, under the ground —that doesn’t even come close to what Drifter wants to say with this nerve racking, pulverizing new tune that comes out of pure dementia. When in-limbo, it is important to remember that the grey vastness is never ending, like the bone breaking reese basslines that fill this song, and the soul crushing breakbeats that will scare the spiders under your skin away. Put every thought of salvation aside from the first time you play this song, and forget about it, because the pandimensional darkness inside this demon infested track will follow you forever.

‘Good luck with this guy. He’s a goddamn one-man slaughterhouse that’s what he is.’

‘I am a maze demon, a hellion for the imprisoned.’ Silently screamed the devil’s hare. It appears for the first time when you jump into the dimness of the murk. It appears where the calignosity blinds even the brightest, for their brains will collapse like bodies in the burning suns of Erebus. You are in unchangingly and forevermore, the mind lake has dried, and all the frames turned to dust. It is fear what brought you here and it is that fear that will keep you from getting out. —IX

‘Quite an experience to live in fear, that’s what it is to be a slave.’