Spectrum and info
RaveUp proudly present superb artist of top labels as Toolroom, Definitive Recordings, Re:vibe Music, Hugh Recordings - Jordi Castillo. 'We Will Work It Out' opens with a atmospheric vibe that drifts like its on a digital delay, so you kind of get the feeling you are being whisked away somewhere. Actually, more like flown away, but the resonating bass keeps you grounded. To make sure you are not suddenly jolted from the dream, the vocals echo in the background at first, to prepare you for consciousness again when the clapping beat comes in. The vocals come full on shortly afterwards; although that phrase is used loosely here as the DJs take a minimalist approach with the vocals, preferring instead to emphasize the tracks other attributes.

The introduction of the bass drum sound is when the songs spark burst into flames. That sound pretty well dominates the track from here on, although it gets muted heading into the halfway mark, allowing the deejays to hypnotize you back to that dreamlike state. It comes back on during the final third of the song though, igniting your senses again.

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