Spectrum and info
After a decade of making music, Juliano Silva is always leading from the front of his own world. With his signature techno sound, he has created a shift in the direction of underground electronic music. Starting an underground movement off a dark atmospheric driven techno that is entirely unique and unmistakable, from pioneering Boston Underground and House Of Techno, Juliano Silva has always harnessed the power of electronic music and nurtured its most evocative and cinematic possibilities. Someone who is inspired by the odd and peculiar sound tools, from the latest digital technology to extremely rare analog pieces, what matters most to Juliano Silva is the end result. Each track lives in its own unique world, and together create a dynamic storyline from start to finish, from dark grooves to Minimal Tech and Deep House, warm atmospheres to curious sci-fi landscapes, it is another complete experience and one that proves Juliano is unafraid of experimentation, of pushing boundaries and searching out new paths.
Born in Brazil and raised in Boston, Juliano Silva discovered beauty and inspiration on underground music and he is known to bringing music together in unexpected ways. From the contemporary to the underground, in a world saturated with artistic expression, Juliano Silva's clarity of sound resonates clearly and strongly, as a purveyor of electronic music.


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