Spectrum and info
I love these lazy, daisy days
Green glows, rising in the periphery
Images of Happiness land everywhere the eyes can see
If we don’t get mired
Burnt up in the fire of the Sun’s Sunday reverie
We could fuse our hearts and minds, joyfully
Two shoeless, overgrown children
Dancing in the tall grass
Together and free

I have lost all sense of gravity
My senses shed like a superfluous skin
If I float off
Stay close behind me, darling

I can see the tops of the trees, now
The leaves are shaking in the gusts of the fading Summer winds
And laughing at the state of sudden bliss that we’re in
Autumn is waiting to color in everything
Nothing really dies
Everything changes

You came along
And the flowers were singing
Bells were ringing in the songs in my head
The music rearranged
The melodies mellowing
Now, the old leaves must transform
Drying and yellowing

We’ll warm each other in Winter
With the strength of Summer sunlight stored in the chambers in our hearts
That were made only to be opened with the keys that we are
Cut in shapes that were told in the tales of the stars
Two, enchanted lovers
Under some, secret spell
That is fed by some etheric
And infinite well

Be my Forever Lover
Whatever season comes
You and I together
We’ll watch the moments run

Be my Forever Lover
Whenever Reason hums
We can live in Summer’s daydream
Whatever season comes.

Forever Lover by eltonbomB © 2019
Mastering by Robert Trifunović
Cover Mask by Patrick Tomasso