Vocals – Joe Cool Lorenzo
“Is this House?”
This the question that will puzzle you when you listen to the new release by DJ Rootical Deep. The song opens with a uniquely authentic African rhythm that incorporates very elemental African Drums.
“We are the Miracle…” states the voice that introduces a very ‘full’ and rich sound after the opening of the track. Rootical Deep then begins to add layers of instruments that can lose you in a maze of imagery and hypnotizing sounds.
At the precipice of the track, DJ Rootical Deep introduces Joe Cool Lorenzo Spoken word s. “We don’t die we multiply”, a phrase we’re all too familiar with at this point, drives us deeper still into Rootical Deep’s sound.
At the climax, Rootical Deep leaves us ruminating with his classic house vibe that is deep yet ever so captivating. Then, in the same way, the track came alive, it recedes slowly as each elemental instrument is stripped away and we return ‘home’ to the traditional drums that kicked off our journey.

Cory Centric Remix
A barrage of authentically African instruments invites you into Cory Centric’s remix.
The song starts on a high note. Miracle Child employs a mix of rich, elemental instruments from bongos, and congas to an ever so gentle triangle in the background.
The track then swells into a captivating rhythm as a Joe Cool Lorenzo’s vocal’s grabs your attention. The lyrics are rich and seem to flow, neither luridly nor quietly, but perfectly parallel to the track. The instrumental gathers momentum as it rides on the words of the inspiring lyrics of spoken word culminating in the rousing phrase “we don’t die, we multiply…”
At the height of the track, Cory Centric lays different sounds in a fascinating drop that introduces a new dimension. The inspirational spoken word gets replaced with vibrant deep house sounds that leave you bobbing your head or pumping your fist.
Less than a minute later, Cory Centric reintroduces Joe’s vocals. Now charged with excitement, the words seem to amplify the track, layering the instrumental and losing the listener in a maze of pulsating house rhythms. As the track settles back into its traditional house vibe.
AfroBrotherz Rayan Remix
AfroBrotherz deliver a powerful yet subtle track in 6 minutes that will have you gripped by their story told through the power of music. The same prowess and versatility that we’ve come to expect from AfroBrotherz remains ever present in their music and this remix is no exception.
Amidst Afro House sounds fused with Joe’s Vocals and dynamic rhythms,
The track is captivating, yet subtly relaxing.
“Look no further…” claims the spoken word piece that is scattered throughout the track, perhaps a call for us to return to our roots, maybe not. Though, nevertheless, a call to action and thought. Afroborthers then close the track with an entrancing and rhythmic loop, as if allowing us to ruminate in the deepness of spoken word and marvel at their musical journey.

Rootical Deep was born