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Take part in Mixupload Live Streams TV, play your dj mix or do the musical master class

What you need for that:

  • Register on Mixupload
  • Apply for live stream choose free time, describe your stream.
  • wait for moderation and get access to start live broadcast
  • Place your camera, microphone, connect wires from your dj console, set up sound and broadcast software
  • Get LIVE on Mixupload main page

Schedule / time: MSK


Chat rules:

  • No swear words
  • No abuse
  • No advertising
  • No external links
  • No politics
  • No Racism

Or you will be blocked by moderators

Settings for streamer

OBS software is used for live streams with certain parameters:

You can download latest version of OBS here: obsproject.com/download

You can import settings, downloadunzip, OBS Menu - Profile - Import - Choose folder.

  • Settings - Broadcast - URL and stream key - Get your personal stream key after your application is approved.
  • Settings - Video - Video output resolusion 1920×1080 or 1280×720 (30 frames per second)
  • Settings - Output - Streaming - Bitrate no more than 3 500 Kbps
  • Settings -> Output -> Output -> Output Mode: Advanced -> Streaming Key frame interval: 2
  • Settings - Output - Audio - Max bitrate: 256 Kbps codec AAC

Brief information on Open Broadcast Server