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Перевести это на русский если вы хотите знать почему я исчез.

There was a time when I used to really like this website. Things were going good for me. The moderator's gave me privileges that would allow my songs to automatically be accepted in the system. Now since I came back they changed everything on me. My songs aren't accepted and many are getting declined and tossed in the trash. For me if my songs don't make it to the main page then what's the point of uploading? The system here is flawed. This site used to be really great but the voting system is a complete joke. When moderators can reject a song and the people don't get a chance to vote something is wrong. The moderators here just want it there way and if they don't get there way they have a fit. It's a shame because I really like this site but not so much anymore. It's too bad that it has to end like this. If you don't see me around much it will because I've moved on to better things and found a new place where people appreciate the music I upload.




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