Sot 23

Manu P, Jack Polvaretti
label: Finish Team Records
Finally, after 8 years of music, of parties, of love, of friends, of travel, of family........ lot of water is passed under our bridge.
We never give up, we have invest a lot. FTR, FTRY, FTRV....... mp3, wave, vinyl.
With a big emotion i'm here for the release n 100 of my life, of my Finish Team Records.
I'm really proud of all the things i have made in those years.
And i propose a special E.P. with my brother Jack with a track remixed by 2 of my fav artist at the moment; AUSTEN/SCOTT.
Thanks to all who trust in FTR, thanks to the people that believe in me like MARCO and thanks to my family that love and trust in me every day.
Thanks to my gf GESSICA that trust in me every day.

This is FTR and this is me.

Release date