B'n Luv

label: Giraphone Records
Here is "B'n Luv", EP by Guillaume Flamen on Giraphone Records.
- An original song, Deep House, smoothy, groovy.
- A sublime remix, Deep Techno style, by the only and one Daso. Franke Daso is now a very famous producer, DJ and talented Remixer. His productions and remixes appear on famous labels like : Connaisseur, Spectral Sound, Popcorn, Flash, and many more ... It is now quite rare to be a DJ without having played at least one song or remix by Daso, inevitable techno figure of the 21st century. However, if you had not already done so, start with this remix B'n Luv, you will not be disappointed;)
- Another remix B'n Luv by Andre Lehmann (Fee, Damm records), keeping the harmonies of the original, but customized with "jumpy" rhythms and a more serious foot. A remix groove deep-tech-house, which will satisfy fans of the genre and inevitably convince others ...

DJ Misk (Radio AltroVerso // Rome) (AltroVerso)
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