OZL, Emily Novruzova
label: UNNITED
Places, moments, cities & faces, seas & mountains.
How far can you move through this wozld?
How long will be your way until you stop?

WOZLD - the 5th album of OZL project, located in Nizhny Novgorod (RU). We've collected here a huge amount of moods and rhythms, genres and native tunes, live instruments and samples.
Sound of trumpet, guitar, vinyl scratch, vargan, vocal and incredible samples from all over the world are woven into african, european, asian & american rhythms.

This tiny wozld on the Earth's surface still turning the lights on and sounding like the vibe from the dawn of the civilization.

Album was created with participation of: Emily Novruzova (My Private Sea, ex. Chicken Hope), Valentine Zhitetsky, Daniel Steroid (Tigers & Leopards, Technodevil), Dmitry Sotnikov (Just Duet, ex. Elysium)
Release date
Catalog #
OZL - Jomolungma (Original Mix)