Desert Encounter

label: B55 RECORDS
Label: B55 Records
Artist(s): VYN•1
Album/Single: Desert Encounter
Remixer(s): Translate, Linear System
Track(s): PIA02278, PIA02278, Nazca Mission, Sachamama, Wrath of Apu
Genre: Techno
Format: Digital WAV/MP3
Catalogue Number: B55R040
Release Date: April 28, 2021
Artwork by Peltre
Mastered by FXR Studio

B55 Records is proud to present the next reference with the rising peruvian talent VYN•1, featuring 2 remixes by the talented Translate and Linear System.

After releasing music in such labels like Illegal Alien or Trau-ma, makes his debut in our label with a well-crafted EP, showing his delight for the sci fi techno and his particular point of view of Techno music in general.

'Desert Encounter' EP is a tribute for mythification and mysticism that lives around the ancient civilizations of the Peruvian coast, well known for their erratic and still unknown way of worshiping the ancient gods.
Tracks like PIA02278 or Nazca Mission invite the listener to take a deep journey into the sounds created by this artist.

The sound design was studied in detail, creating abstract landscapes charged with mental, hypnotic and dark atmospheres with a range of well-shaped percussive patterns

Spectacular remixes accompany this EP, which maintain the tension, and continue the journey throught Nazca and Paracas.
Translate and Linear System took the best of the original tracks and reverted them in their own way, thus giving new and refreshing points of view from the sounds created by VYN•1.
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