Psychedelic Connection (Compiled by Dj Misaki)

Virtual Light, Endeavour, Oxyflux, Tron, Offlabel, Frostbite, Rezonant, Justin Chaos, Juanmad, Majide, Gigi, Spatial Plants, Sun69
label: Blacklite Records
Searching for a pleasing sound and a beautiful aura, we found a place of love, community, kindness, psychedelic connections and space. This is how MISAKI's journey has begun. Psychedelic Connection is a psytrance compilation that she has edited with all her heart and with the special collaboration of many Artists and Friends, met while travelling around the world. It is a series of works which contain a range of music from edgy night tracks to morning psychedelic tunes that drive on a trip from dark sketchy vibe to daytime positive lights. The tracklist is simply full blasting, Please enjoy all of them!
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