Distortion 2020 – Day 1

Event type: Party
City country: Denmark / Copenhagen
Date and time: 03.06.2020 / 16:00
Venue: / / 2020-06-03 16:00 - 04:00
Price From 160 DKK

- Wednesday: Nørrebro Street Party + Distortion Club events
- Thursday: Vesterbro Street Party + Distortion Club events
- Friday: Distortion Ø + Distortion Club events
- Saturday: Distortion Ø
- Sunday: Hygge

Street Party is tons of small stages and happenings in the streets during daytime – on Wednesday in the Nørrebro district and on Thursday in the Vesterbro district.

Distortion Ø on the Friday and Saturday is our open air festival site with a radical music lineup in a green hilly area of the harbour on Refshaleøen.

Distortion Club is new and dancy music by international artists at venues and one-off locations around the city.

Distortion also hosts a Camping site on Refshaleøen, an industrial island with the best restaurants in the world, overlooking Little Mermaid and Royal Palace.


Join the organisation, and volunteer at Distortion 2020. Sign up at cphdistortion.dk
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