Break 4 Love

Event type: Party
City country: United Kingdom / London
Date and time: 13.02.2021 / 10:00
Genre: Club House
Venue: www.danceparty247.club
Price 0.00 RUR
Danceparty247 presents Break For Love.
A day of House music starting from 11am through to the early hours of 14th Feb, Valentines Day. With DJ's from all over the world, UK, USA, South Africa, Egypt, Costa Rica, and Germany to name a few. Great DJ's playing great house music all day long, come and join the party with us.
Line up - All times are GMT
10am Dj Spongy - Afro House
11am Sam Saint - Deep House
12pm Valdas - Deep House
1pm Tracid Dan - Prog House
2pm Sarah-Jane - Funky/Commercial
3pm Dj Destiny - House
4pm Nick Davis - Disco House
5pm Tom Davis - Commercial House
6pm Half-Jaked - Funky/Tech House
7pm Jdj - Uplifting House
8pm Dj Envy - 90's House
9pm Dj Te - Prog House
10pm Sherif - Prog House
11pm Dj Wongy - Dirty Electro House
12am Dj Wongy - Electro House
1am Dj Simon - Electro House
2am Dj Carlos Lopez - House
Your Music, One Station, Danceparty247.club
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