This page contains examples for each musical genre on Mixupload. All users, who wish to upload music to Mixupload should discover genres map. In the case, when genre is hard to be determined, moderators should refer to this section as well.

Deep House
Deep House could be defined as a sub-genre of Chicago House, but in a last few years it has become one of the most popular at the whole EDM scene with its new modern quality sounds and pitched vocals. Similar to Bassline House.

Club House
The most wide spreaded & without precise borders of the style. Originated in the late 80s in Chicago, absorbing elements of soul music and disco.

Tech House
This genre is a combination of Techno & House music.

Progressive House
Most of the tracks are of a good sound qulity. At the begining progressive house is an amercan house, that was complemented by italian flavor in the early 90th.

Soulful House
This is the gentle kind of music, which is appropriate for music lovers of any kind, even without idea what electronic music is. The genre is often characterized with the presence of live instruments and vocals.

Electro House
The main characteristic of this genre is an heave electro sound and a special way of drum beat, which is extremely simple and never changes from track to track in this genre. Electro house was especially popular in the early 2000th and it has got a lot of fans at the present time yet.

Bassline House
The genre is a direct extension of UK Garage. Similar rhythm and emphasis on bass linke. It has gained wide popularity in recent years along with Deep House.

Disco House
This genre Is an inheritor of classic disco. This is one of the first melodic genres of electronic music itself. It is known for presence of vocals, piano, strings, brass and other live sounds combined with short drum loop and specific bassline.

Future House
Future house is a music genre that described as a fusion of deep house and UK garage and incorporating other elements and techniques of other EDM genres.


Funky House
This section contains tracks, that include funk elements, such as short parts of guitar, bass guitar or keyboards.

Tribal House/Afro House
This genre is one of the most minimalistic one, because no melodic instruments and melodies are usually used in the tracks of Tribal house, but you can hear a lot ethnic percussion though.

Chicago/Jackin House
Also called Detroit House. One of the oldest house genre. It has clear swinging house beat. Chigaco itself is a place where two first vinyl dubplates were mixed.

Although G-House or Gangsta House is considered an offshoot of Chicago House, at the moment G-House has received its clear sound, characterized by a clear jerky "impudent" bass line, far from the classic sound of Chicago House.
MIXMASTER: _Orfey_, Hmeli777

Vocal House
The title of this genre is a also its description. Usually, it is the gentle house music with a full vocals.

Minimal House
In a present time it is possible to say, that minimal house doesn't exist, but minimal techno at the same time can be considered its successor.

This genre is described as slow Dutch House, although it is not entirely true.
MIXGIVER: Volt, slava125

Big Room/Dutch House
Subgenre formed by combination of Electro House and Micro House. Drums have become simpler, leaving literally kick and hi-hats.
MIXGIVER: Bemep_ok, MiKey

Tropical House
It is believed that this is a kind of Deep House, but the sound of Tropical House is quite different, both from the classic and the modern Deep House. The genre is characterized by the “beach” sound, as well as the presence of instruments such as flute, marimba and acoustic guitar.


Latino House
The name is a description for this one. This is a house music with elements of latino culture: a lot of percussion sounds and guitars,
MIXMASTER: FuNkYsTyLe, Zahar_Off

Hard/Pumping House
Hard beat, fast tempo, and special well-known bassline combined with cheerful vocals & melodies.
MIXGIVER: Volt, slava125, Bemep_ok

Fidget House/Dirty Electro
It used to be considered a form of Electro house, but from the middle 2000th it is independent kind of music with more rare but compressed power beat with extremely distorted garage basslines.
MIXGIVER: Volt, slava125, Bemep_ok, MiKey

Acid/Oldschool House
Classy type of House music. It was born in the end of 80th and can be recognized for minor chord parts, that sound "acid".
MIXGIVER: Volt, Bemep_ok

French House
French House can be described as speed and looped Disco House. It's a kind of a Disco House and Techno Blend.
MIXMASTER: Stoker, FuNkYsTyLe, Zahar_Off
MIXGIVER: oversound

Bass House
There is no common Bass House definition, it's just House music with a lot of Bass samples. It's often described as a combination of House and Dubstep.
MIXGIVER: slava125, KardinaJl, POLLINA-MAL, GIRLBAD, MiKey

Fitness House
Genre that will be great to listen to in gym. It's like fater house starting from 135 BPM.