Spectrum and info
Mindspring Music presents: "Absalon - Moods of an Ashtray" [MSM082].
the debut album by Absalon is delicately formed by a high knowledge of synthesis & production combining complexed drums patterns. The result is a stunning Liquid fusion of Glitch, Downtempo & Chillout all harmonically arranged to deliver a very emotional experience for the listener.

Absalon, an exciting new artist on Mindspring, is a gifted musician who plays the guitar for many years and spending his days working with children. Discovering the musical world of Glitch & Bass music moved Absalon to explore his own musical and personal boundaries. The outcome is an amazing journey that will open a path of one’s heart to move gracefully between magical soundscapes that will resonate with the deepest, most raw emotions.

Artwork: MantisVision Art & Design
Mastering: Mor Tadmor
Written & Produced: Evyater Eshel