Spectrum and info
We are honored to have another stellar EP from Grammy Nominee Artist Andy Caldwell. This new EP from Andy is a mixture of organic sounds combined with Andy's production bringing this all together in the Cloud 8 EP. Kicking the EP off with 'Questions In Mind' will grab you close and give you that sunset warm summertime feels, with brilliant production and space within the track. Next up is 'I Remember ' with a dope bass line to kick the track off with a layer of vocals in the back drop to help you paint the picture. Last but not least we have ' Gotta Be With You ' with a combination of warm synths swinging back and forth - with some native percussion elements to complete the track giving you an invitation to Cloud 8. During these troubling times across the world we hope that the music from Andy find's a place in your heart to help with the progression as we all move forward.