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Tampa, Florida native Dakuttah weaves his life story, struggles and hopes into his beats and crafted lyrics. Growing up in the midst of modest beginnings, Dakuttah’s father was loyal to the streets and his God-fearing mother busy at work to provide. This dichotomy would lay the framework for Dakuttah’s musical persona. Parental absence left a void that could have been filled with destruction and derailment but instead Dakuttah, at a young age turned to music and it became his guardian. At the age of 3 he learned to play drums at his church and later joined his church choir. By 12 he was rapping and free-styling with his brother and by 13 had become self-taught at the keyboard as well as beat production. As he continued developing his sound, he began to use his beats as the vehicle to tell his stories; to relate with those around him. Instead of turning to aggression or falling into depression, Dakuttah took it out on the mic and let that be where he unleashed his unbridled energy. He describes his music as ‘Street Soul,’ a sub genre that he pioneers. Well acquainted with both the street and the church, his music is a hybrid of the two lifestyles by combining his spiritual foundation with the hip-hop genre. Listeners of Dakuttah’s music can feel his struggles and pain and learn how he has coped with the hand he has been dealt. It is not easy to avoid following in the same steps as those before us, but Dakuttah has managed to do just that and his music is his testament.