Dj Foty - Pure feelings- (Vocal trance Selection)
BPM: 134
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Welcome to Trance Family on MixUpload.org Agustin! I promised that I would write honestly, therefore I will write the truth.

The atmosphere of the mix, your mood, pleased me. It was very cheerful and positive!! I did not like the mixing and the track list order. Or the way you were working with the equalizer.

It was difficult to single out any of the tracks because they all sounded absolutely not in a unison. Do not worry about that!

My scoring;

4 For selection of tunes.
3 For mixing.

Total score of 3.5.

It's not bad, but at the same time is not good. In any case Foty, you can rely on us, because we are one big family. We're Trance Family. And we're glad to have you, my friend, good luck to you.

Trance music is very hard to perform and work both emotionally and physically. I think you can do it!!



I thank you your honesty my friend. This mix has almost a year and it was the first I tried in this style. It has loads of mistakes and I might write many more than you have said because I did it ))). But it´s true that I learned a lot doing it. One thing that I learned is not mix old tunes in 192 with recent tunes in 320. That´s was the problem with equalizer that you said. If you rated it with 3 stars I can be happy because it a starting point to improve in this style. Even my first soulful mix was much worse than this one ))) but the important is analyze and learn from mistakes to do it better. This style is in pause at the moment because I´m focused in other styles as you know but I hope more trance mixes will come in the future. As we say here, nobody is expert in something until he has committed all possible mistakes. Thanks for your opinion and your encouragement my friend ;)))


Hello Nmval! I am sorry for not be as perfect as you expected in my first session in this style.Thanks for understanding.


Than you very much for your comments and encouragements Mac,Kate and Vikky! It´s much appreciated especially in my first session in this stile. :D


Материал всем известный, но качество сведения еще хромает, нет понимания регулировки частотного спектра при сведении и подбора тональности треков, выстраиваемых в миксе. Извини за критику, но нужно еще работать)))


Very cool)))


Magnificent work of Foti! ! ! !


Only 5,Foty)


nice work foty ;)