Spectrum and info
Revolution Time from Doctah X is a direct reflection of today, living through a sweeping humanitarian crisis of systematic racism and COVID19. "Revolution Time" featuring Andy Shaw hits hard on a roots reggae vibe mixing deep bass, heavy rhythms, and a conscious message. We are living in the Revolution Time. We are rising up against racism and classism around the world. We are fighting for justice. On the b-side of this digital 45 is the instrumental dub influenced "Zona Rosa". Melding the depths and heights of bass music, dubstep, and the avant-garde reggae, Zona Rosa creates a psychedelic whirlwind of energies and emotions.

A Message from Doctah X:

REVOLUTION TIME!,,,time for a revolution in(of) mind, end tha slime, get the oRANGe fUHRER 2 resign, then assign someone with anOPEN mind. Rise and speak out against racism worldwide,,now IS NOT the time for silence. This isn't just an American disease but worldwide wickedness! I implore all my bredren and sistren to RISE!!!!!!!!,,,soooo Andy and I have a message,,a mission if you will,,,It's indeed REVOLUTION TIME Doctah X