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Drew Aron is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter who draws inspiration from the country folk songwriters of the 60’s and 70’s. A classically trained musician, Drew was pursuing a career in classical guitar, but life did not go as planned. After a battle with addiction, Drew entered into recovery and, to make ends meet, picked up a night shift making supermarket sushi at a West LA health food store. It was then, amid putting his life back together while preparing toro hand rolls for weary commuters, that he began writing, recording and self-producing his debut EP, Familiar Faces. The songs draw inspiration from his experience as a 20-something trying to find his true place among a sea of dreamers within Los Angeles. Drew hopes to capture listeners’ hearts and ears with lyrics that blend sincere stories of love and hardship with tongue-in-cheek observations about the absurdity of modern living and all its trappings.