Flamen - Seefield (Original Mix)
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Various Artists 02 Giraphone Records 0 320 Am

Here, finally, our second long-awaited compilation. Find the artists who made our label during the last 2 years, as well as new artists ready to invade the planet mix. Find the voluptuous sound-master Cristian (It) (aka Christian Kryss Hypnowave Monobass aka KHW), the enigmatic and sensual Zhenya K. (Ru) The fiery Demateis Joe and Edoardo Spolaore (It), the industrial techno Corvum (Gr), The Talented DIB (It) ; Flamen the experimenter (Fr), the inspired ANDRTOL (Ru). Discover minimal techno of India with AnalogAlgorythm (In), Trotzkopf (Drama Records) remixed by Reflecting Symmetry (Ru), duo/composers fabulous deep Forbidden Cravings, appeared on our label in February.
In short, find the best homegrown producers / remixers and our greatest discoveries. A big thanks to all the DJs who support and play our sounds.
Best Regards,
The Giraphone Team

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