Spectrum and info
Slightly OFF presents ADE compilation 2019. Curated from a passion in the spirit of raw emotion, a unique mix of like minded individuals pushing the boundaries of electronic music as they set the tempo for a walk through time. Underground at it’s finest.
Featured Artist:
Android 10's Formula 5.5 is a low slung hypnotic groover with brooding synths, spacey atmospherics, and psychedelic leads that build and pulse with melodic tension.
Tampa’s Bob Skies delivers us Soviet 70’s, with trademark machine funk, techno, house, and electro elements that combine for a seductive ride through lesser know landscapes.
Tampa’s Brian Busto delivers us Stuck In A Hole. Tribal elements, a percussive bassline and disincarnate vocals combine for a detour into madness.
Born out of an epic night of clubbing, and inspired by Green Velvet’s personality, Darce’s “Feeling It” is a reflection of a beautiful moment in time when we were all feeling it.
Fucked up Indigo. A twisted peak time groover, Dutchie takes you to the floor with this nasty tech house banger. Raw basslines and electro sleaze create a mental dancefloor destroyer
Foster Inutility Agenda cracks with wicked sci-fi arpeggios, sensual vocal chops and mental effects that combine to create a cerebral experience with tech house sensibilities.
Tampa’s own Hair Band Dropout delivers us 3 things. A deeply meditational track, 3 things is a reach within, to find that place where the beat is always alive.
Jake Beautyman On a Mission is a twisted psychedelic mover with sci-fi vocal chops and stabs that combine with a darkness and depth that forge this dancefloor groove.
Jason Selden drops a rare techno track aptly titled, The Sun. Illuminating and cosmic, The Sun is a classic journey into HOUSE and TECHNO. Seductive, pounding, and outerworldly
Jay Dynan's Supernova is a jacking house banger with a moody groove, spacey atmospherics, and a hypnotic feel that’s programed squarely for the dancefloor.
Leopard Lust liliLaLa is a deep, driving, and relentlessly hypnotic groove forged from old school drums, a resonated bass, syncopated effects and vocal slaps.
Mohican & Falcon Tech house to the core, Mohican & Falcon deliver a dark, deep seeded groove with mental flair and a bassline that will rattle you to the core.
Mr Stich’s Fuck Face harkens back to the heady days of early house, with vintage stabs, a classic drum kit, and a mentally psychedlic bag of vocal chops. Fuck Face litterly does just that.
Tampa’s Rob Bello delivers us the classically deep track It Haunts Me. Washing synths, mechanical stabs, and techy vocal combine to devastating effect.
Next up, we have an epic collaboration between Rob Pearson & Paul Donton. Happy Accident keeps you locked in a groove where everything just falls into place. Wizardry
Santino Bontempo’s Parachute is an upfront floor filler with a dystopian edge, swung out drums, and acid bass for days that combine for a peak time banger