George Ellinas - Summer Of My Childhood (Mark & Lukas Remix)
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Summer Of My Childhood Synth Connection 0 0 Db

'With summer fast approaching us, the dusting off the passports, the checking holiday confirmation and flight details are all but secured. We at Synth Connection give you a tune to kick start summer.
George Ellinas brings his sunshine filled melodies with his debut for the label,'Summer Of My Childhood; with a huge remix line-up.

First up we have the immense original that captivates George's unique style of music. Filled with pleasant arps and a bass line that teases you more then Factor 5 could ever do. We are introduced to the main chords and pads that lift this track higher then A 747!
The main lead takes us into dreamland with a progression that cuts you like sunburn. This track is what makes melodic progressive house the sound that it is, Summer fuelled music for the beach party.

Andrew Cash aka Sunlight Project makes another appearance on the label after his stunning Touchdown EP .Being no stranger to sunshine beats he takes his remix further with a more uplifting intake from the original,with soft plucks and deeper bass lines. We are introduced to the true sound of Sunlight Project.
With an almost 80's feel to the track Andrew never disappoints when it comes to music and emotions. If this remix does not have you dashing for the sandals and beach towel then the next offering may.

SounD'zine takes us into the deeper melodic progressive zone with his own unique creation. Making full use of vocal chops and light pad work we are taking you on a journey to the break. With a subtle use of piano and FX we hear the main lead that floats you away. SounD'zine takes this remix deeper that could welcome any sunset.

Synth Connection regular Sodahl brings a totally different take on the original as we step into the true sound of progressive house,. With a gorgeous introduction of vocals and deep and floaty pads we feel this remix will hit you right in the feels! Pianos, soft vocals and basslines so deep you need a snorkel to listen to this remix. Sodahl has become a hot favorite on the label
since debuting as DVDDHLN.

Rick Siron steps up with a sound that has made him who he is today. With a light and trippy feel this remix takes you on a level like you have never been before. Basslines so deep and pads that welcome you in like a warm summer hug. Rick takes this remix beyond all whelms of creation and makes this track stand out more. With chords and bass pads that bring in a break we are taking you straight back onto the dancefloor.
We hope you enjoy this as much as we did when we first heard it!

Next up is a producer who in our eyes is massively underrated and deserves more recognition, we welcome Morrison Kiers to the remix stage. We hear Morrison's own unique sound that has won him admiration from some of the scene's veterans. With heavy kicks, light arps, deep and vocal pads we fully welcome summer here at Synth Connection. The breakdown takes us into the sublime with pads and leads that make you wish summer would last forever.
The break creates that moment where you drift away and find that place called heaven. Very high on emotive levels, this is why we rate Morrison so high.

Last up a duo who who take this remix straight to the beach with this gorgeous take. We welcome Mark & Lukas to Synth Connection with a truly blissful remix that makes you weak at the knees. With their own sound flowing here this is perfect for a sunset party. With full use of emotive pianos and pads, let us take you further and further upon each listen. The break is what sets the brother duo apart as they make clever use of plucks and leads that intoxicate you.
If you like your music super emotive and craving that warm summer sun then you need this in your music collection.''

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