Spectrum and info
We are Hare Krishna and the wailers.

We grew up in Hackney east London amidst the trials and tribulation of the inner city we found our escape in music. We started our journey in college then later formed a band where we played music to battle against the injustice of the capitalist system. With Steven Mckenzie on Bass, Alex Bourt, on Drums and me, Ishen Amara as the vocalist.

After years of gigging and developing I decided I needed to go on a pilgrimage to India where I met a great Vaisnava who became my Guru. He taught me the Holy Vedas and opened my eyes to the divine bliss of spiritual life. From that point on I was never the same again. That was my spiritual revolution. After much thought I made a decision to use my music gifts to share this divine message. A message very much needed in the present day. When I returned from India the first person I saw by chance was Steven and I knew it was fate.

We then started again making music fused with this divine message and our battle against the system evolved into a spiritual revolution. We have made this project “Bring another Rama” specifically help people in their lives by giving them deep spiritual philosophy hidden in raw roots reggae. In India there is a common understanding that spiritual words feed the soul. That is our mission, that is all that matters to us.

So we invite you to share in this eclectic fusion of roots reggae and ancient Indian classical music to join us in our spiritual revolution.

Om tat sat