Kryss Hypnowave - 01:00 Am (Original Mix)
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Nokturna Giraphone Records 0 320 Cm

Kryss Hypnowave aka Cristian Scalas is born in October 23, 1973 in Sardinia.
The music immediately reveals a constant part of his youth...
Intrigued by that box that transmitted sounds and words, he approached the world of radio, the step to get to the club was really short.
Thus was born Kryss Hypnowave, a versatile dj, with a passion for electronic music.
Techno-house-deep house-minimal it does not matter, the important thing that he does from the heart and transmits energy to the people dancing.
There are so many clubs and events where he had the honor of playing in Italy, Europe and Canada:
The work of the DJ goes hand in hand with that of the producer.
" I do not follow a genre defined in production, I consider myself an alchemist of sound, a first idea may follow different paths before the final development."
For him : no future without music
For us too ;)
Nokturna is the first EP by Kryss Hypnowave with Giraphone Records

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