Lee Bryan DJ - Intro (Original Mix)
BPM: 84
Spectrum and info
Lee Bryan's second Album comes to us in the middle of a global pandemic. Lee's music usually has notes of disaster and chaos so now couldn't be a more fitting time for the release of this album. The title "Meet Me At The Crossroads" gets it's name from the supposed devils crossroads in America and Track 1 "Intro" starts the weird of instantly with Alien like vocal reference and a strange cinematic sci-fi feel. Intro gets followed up by "Blood, Sweat, Blood", a dark, deep sadness lingers in this track with a hint of hope.

Bryan re-captures some eliments of his earlier styles in this album with "HickoryDickoryDick" paying ho-midge to "The Indifference EP" released in 2016 that reached second in the Beatport top 100 release charts.
Also with "Caracas" and Manzuki giving of hints of earlier release "The Rapture" and "Let Me Down" fronting full on Piano House bringing nostalgia from Bryan's breakthrough genre.

Album tracks "Skol" and "Lucid" bring a more pumped feel to the release with "Skol" sounding like a a ritual call to arms and "Lucid" a more ethereal sound giving off that supernatural feel that radiates throughout this release.