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In the Tirio Indian village of Kwamala (Suriname), deep in the Amazon rain forest, Kamanya lay in his hammock, burning with fever. His mother sat nearby fanning him. “Kamanya, Kamanya,” she whispered, but he did not answer. She spoke gently to her husband. “It is time. Take him.” He picked up the boy and carried him to the hut of the shaman—the medicine man. Softly chanting, the shaman Nahtahlah disappeared into the forest. The returned with leaves, roots, and bark, which he put into a pot of water boiling on the fire. Stirring and singing, he asked the sickness to leave the boy. Then Nahtahlah removed the pot from the fire, and when the mixture had cooled he lifted Kamanya’s head and poured the warm medicine into the boy’s mouth. The shaman’s song ended as night came. Kamanya’s parents sat beside him until morning. When the boy awoke, the fever was gone. As the years passed, Kamanya would remember the shaman’s ritual as if it were all a dream. But he never forgot that the shaman saved his life.
Leonor was hurled headlong flaming from the ethereal sky. This is his first offering for Shango Records. These three tracks will have you questioning your existence. DBRA, Feller and Rabih Rizk know the answer about the existence of life.