Spectrum and info
AGYO is the birth of new sonic horizons, in which we can find several styles in one, starting from the most organic of electronics to a grove with strength and dance. Latin shakers, ethnic percussions, varied environments and synths, make this ep a true fusion of music. With a "poetic" beginning, perhaps timid, we start the musical journey that awakes a slight tempo in the body, synths that fill the environment and percussions that make us move. This is the sound of the lonely mountain and the fast moving clouds, the echoes of a peaceful land and the pale grey leaves that fall in Spring. Truly yours, with passion and endless love about music. Lucas Lead left the lab and brought his science to the people. This is his first offering for Shango Records. These five tracks will lead you to a new world where trees are made of poetry and animals can talk. Xanducero, Cyma and Fortunato are poets from another dimension.