Spectrum and info
After the release of Just Beneath The Surface via Colony Productions, Maxfield caps off his ambitious two-part EP with a riveting triumvirate of tracks in Just Beyond The Horizon. Parsing through splayed out drum lines, shredded low end, and precision harmonies, this handful of tunes channels a visceral weight across the frequency spectrum. Bold, brazen cuts of rock solid low end belay around sharp downbeats and buoyant cross rhythms, laying down the bedrock for juiced up leads and a potpourri of stereophonic glitches and artifacts. It's more than just a capstone to a poignant project; it's the natural evolution of Maxfield's audio hemisphere in real time, revealing the cumulative skill sets and musical wisdom behind the Maxfield experience.

All composition, production, and mixing by Maxfield
Mastering by Sandy Finlayson
Artwork by Duncan Hatch