Spectrum and info
As Techsound Black Series, a son of bigger brother Techsound Records, we pushed the hard sound of electronic music in Colombia and South America since Techsound was founded in 1.999. Since 2007 that black series became an autonomous organization called Hardcodelia, one that through events, bookings and contests kept that struggle in a more dedicated way for darker, psychedelic hard beats beyond an specific genre. It is time now to come up with our own music, our own taste, our own label for Hardcodelia. In this # 1 release a track from Eslovenian fella hardcore pioneer Mr.Madness feat. Asure along 4 rmxs, one from Swedish star Shadowcore, one from Colombian top producer X-Duxt, one from Colombian Finland based Andress Conde and one from local team pal NEUROMANZ3R. Music talks so turn up the volume and check it out for our first HARDCODELIA release!