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DNH 081 DeepNheat & Friends 2020

Blindspot (original mix)
@noadrinoparty & john.deluxe kick it off with a bang! Tech-house style action to the core with a beat that will lift you into happiness. Get ready to hear pumpkin kicks, shufflin bass, ballin 'vocals, symphonic teasers and leads that will have you groovin to the dance floor!

Landlord (original mix)
@iamalexvela teamed up with debut artist @elektrikrhyno for a sure to be smash hit! Have you ever been told by a landlord to “..turn it down...”?
Well be prepared to turn it up & let the volume rip! Expect squibbles, kicks, percussions, funky guitar & FX that are like sound missiles straight to your music soul.

Rumble (original mix)
@andreslascano, @lujanfernandez_dj & @vctr_music light up the scene with a Main Event feeling in their new track!
Ride the bass waves, bells & triangle chimes, ride cymbals, detuned cymbals with “.. no drama..” male and female vocals. This trio will bring you into the party!

Psychedelic (original mix)
@edlez_music hits you with a sick beat!
A set of tom drums, percussions, hats and plenty of double kicks with
a funky sweep that drops into a phat rolling bass line is tight! Tubed bass will get you “ready to roll” cutting shapes out on the floor.

Engage (original Mix)
@fyzer_official runs up the sweat glands with his bangin music.
The synth lead has such a classic feel that flexing your moves will be a blast! Phat rolling bass thinned out at times by some excellent filtering will definitely have you groovin!

Seen Enough (original mix)
@izda kills it with some serious fun to dance to tunes!
This rolling masterpiece starts right away and cuts into the heart of the mix like a champion.
Expect wet vocals, deep sweeps, echoed percussions and builds that deliver a solid punch! You’ll want this beauty of a beat for your library for sure.

Down the Street (original mix)
@jordyswiftmusic slays the Tech-house scene with this slammin track!
Hip hop influence central y’all with some pounding kicks!
His use of a classic set of vocal phrases will have you cruisin down the street in your ride blasting his music.
Put the top down fam and let this roll!!

Temptation (original mix)
@dj.macc97 wastes no time getting you to move your body in rhythm with his original mix.
Multiple bass lines with a distinct plucked bass & his use of
Hip Hop vocals make this beat a jackin house style vibe that puts you into a dancing frenzy!

Fragmented (original mix)
@rosybones creation is a melodic dream that will shake your soul with a quickness! A series of synthesizers, thick bass, canny FX samples
and kicks give perfect space for full drop city.
Everything feels fresh and sits so well throughout the mix!

Squeeze It (original mix)
@schlafmute shares his after dark minded track and it has some crazy bass!
Expect a lead that is simple. Eloquent and so dang catchy.
This beat gets heavy on the bedroom side of things.