Spectrum and info
Back in 2019 STATIK LNK released the albums "Shapes Of Music, Vol 1" and "Shapes Of Music, Vol 2" to critically acclaimed success. The projects where the artists' first experimenting with live instrumentation and Contemporary Jazz. This is the sound that would come to define him as an artist. Fast forward to now, STATIK LNK brings us the final album of the trilogy, "Shapes Of Music Vol. 3." This time around, STATIK spared no genre meshing Big Band Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Hip-Hop, Gospel, Electronic and hints of classical all into a project that keeps the energy electrified from track one all the way through track 9. "The final Shapes Of Music. This is a series that is VERY important to me. To celebrate the end of the trilogy, I wanted to make it sound larger than life. I wanted every genre that influences me to be included. I'm really happy how it came out" says STATIK LNK. Tap play and get lost in the Shapes Of Music.