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This is one of those rare moments in life where you find a song addressing a matter that eventually decides its fate. Sva dropped a monster hit, Uyaphapha, on the 26th of April 2019. The original version was composed by Havoc Fam. But after a strong round of positive accolades and fair success, various DJs couldn’t resist creating their own version of Uyaphapha. The song is about forwardness, and the buzz is dragging its reign forward even further.

After the song earned him two nominations, for the best House/Gqom category on Makoya Entertainment Awards, and best Hustler on Golden Art and Media Awards; Sva received requests from various production houses who all wanted to do a remix of the track. It was only fair that he and his team allow the track to fly above the clouds. Every act was given free will to create their own version of the song

Because Uyaphapha has an informal translation of being “Fly,” all the versions will be referred to as Wing Clips instead of remixes. For example, the first remix from the talented producer, Mashaya, will be the First Wing Clip. Followed by other wing clips from other equally talented producers such as Peto Soul, DJ Toxic featuring Miisawa Gang, and Deejay Soso. Each and every one of them brought their A-game, and will all hit the audience differently.

The Wing Clip series of releases will commence from the 29th of October and end on the 3rd of December. You’re about to get reprimanded for uk’phapha by different HITS as punishment.