Spectrum and info
The Dumes are an earnest rock band in a city that yearns for authenticity. Comprised of longtime friends from various projects in the LA music scene, the group is commanded by enigmatic, fresh-faced front woman Elodie Tomlinson. She charmingly delivers the tales of her life’s journey with a dynamic vocal range landing somewhere between delicate whisper and rasp laden scream. Kyle Biane, Peter Recine, Liam McCormack and Chris Dunn pack a tight punch and groove reminiscent of a well-oiled machine with a reminder that the human spirit is best captured by real instruments.

For their debut EP, The Dumes enlisted Producer/Engineer/Mixer Joe Chiccarelli to capture the raw emotion and power of the band. As fate would have it, tracking wrapped at the famed Sunset Sound Studios just hours before a 'stay at home' order was issued for the impending pandemic. The sound captured was born out of one of the most unique, trying times in modern history and you can hear the personal struggle to overcome in each note committed to tape.