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[TRIBE277] Tribeleader - Start The Revolution is powerful thunder music to inspire listeners to work for The Light. Start The Revolution. It means the next dimension of consciousness won’t happen if you don’t make it happen. How does a planet become more evolved? This means that the habitants of this planet are awaken in conscience to The Light. How does it happen? First, The Avatar needs to come to a planet and complete his mission. That happened on Earth with Jesus Christ. He completed The Mission so now the Planet have the knowledge and understands the path to the Light. The path is now in the subconscious mind and spirit of all humans. Second, when the majority of the habitants of the planet are capable of awake to The Light, the planet starts to shift to a higher level of conscience and vibration. Next, for this to happen, we need to live in harmony with nature. We can’t pollute the environment or the shift can’t happen. When the planet and all the species live in harmony, the Light become clear and the feeling of well being increases. The diseases start to fade and happiness becomes more evident. Start The Revolution.