Twin Shape & Babilu - 45 (Babilu 2020 Remix)
KEY: Em BPM: 120
Spectrum and info
Mindspring Music presents: Twin Shape – 45 – 2020 Remixes [MSM090]

45 is the track that kicked off the whole Twin Shape project. It was originally given away as a free track and licensed to some compilations, being written in 2009 and made available in 2010. Now, it has been completely remixed, 10 years later, by several Mindspring Mainstays and newcomers. The unique idea here, is that the artists are remixing Twin’s 2020 remix – as opposed to the original – like some sort of remix fractal! We have come full circle! He has taken his new mix down a different path, using a four-to-the-floor Downtempo Psytrance groove, and bassline, that picks up the pace. The elements are more refined and scaled back, to reveal a more meditative side of the original, with plenty of new sound design for the remixers to play with.

Gleekch is first up on remix duties, and he turns things up a notch by playing with bouncy, Psychedelic, and glitchy, 180BPM passages. Experimental & light-hearted, this mix brings out a playful energy. Next, we have Kri & EarthCry, a welcome collab whose collective modular rigs provide enough power to launch this remix beyond the stratosphere. They elected to keep a similar vibe, but they bring to the table a dreamy – synthy – atmosphere. When these two put their heads together, magic happens. Babilu have also contributed, hot on the heels of their first album, adding a dubby take with welcome acoustic elements. Their signature, World, sound is married to juicy growls and bass stabs. Our last destination is guided by Lesmus, who shows us a harsher glimpse into 45. With its discordant and twisted opening, the familiar is turned upside down. But, after the first break, it all pulls together and turns into a mysterious reflection.