Spectrum and info
Unhuman brings you balance between body and mind, with both intriguing introspective atmospheres and energetic activating sounds. This is the newest Strange Therapy session, a spiritual and physical treatment. A journey through the brain and the body.

Shadow Of The Serpent kicks off. It creeps up your spine with a gnarly crawler of a synthline. A good old break-beat boulders underneath the soul-sucking background sounds. Its sharp teeth create craters deep enough to let you bathe in their shade. Fire Rash Peeling leaves you no time to rest and punches your body straight into EBM's dirtiest territories. Dangerous dancefloor material, complete with industrial strength claps, perforating percussion and pads forged in feedback. Feel it from your face to your feet. A moment of meditative mayhem follows with White Bone Spirit, a halftime wave weapon. An anxious arp drives a battering bassline forward with high velocity, boosting its impact as the sustain increases. No light is left by its dripping drums and ghoulish growls. Deep, dark, doom.

The Fallbeil Remix of Shadow Of The Serpent allows you to reflect on your beginnings through a completely morphed mirror. An evil alien energy disrupts your last peace of mind. This is how: crushed up corrosives, vague voices, an everlasting eerie ambience and an 808 loaded up with extra hate. Autumns is responsible for the final treatment of this session with his own interpretation of White Bone Spirit. Lunatic loops and metallic mayhem make you move your body parts until you lose 'em. It's driving, it's terrifying, it's wonderfully classic horror like dancing with the dead.