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Yes Yes Records presents "Wings" the debut track from Melbourne's Yash Bansal and the first single from his upcoming EP due to drop this summer. When we first heard the track we were struck by its depth and honesty, so we thought it was best we ask Yash about it...

“Wings is a song that is very close and personal to me. It is about change and how it is something that no one can escape which can often leave people feeling confused. Wings uses very lush synths that feel bright, yet dull at the same time to portray such growth, which is contrasted by the lyrics that capitalise on the immature thoughts and ideas that come with rejection or the pain of losing someone close. When I first wrote the main chord progression it very accurately reflected the distressed feeling I was experiencing at that time and gave me the inspiration to write down my thoughts”

Enjoy Yash's song with remixes from Diamond Lights, Tonky, & I Like To Disco